Best European Driving Tours

Basic Information For Your Road Trip Around Europe

We would like to give you some useful hints and information how you can create your best driving tour with our special service.

1. First of all, don't plan too much!

This is the biggest mistake which you can do. You should know that you'll find many scenic roads through the countryside in whole Europe. Many roads have a special background and offer unique experiences as well as a marvelous countryside. When you take such a drive you have to calculate only appr. 40 to 50km per hour driving time. For example, if you choose the drive via the "Romantik Road Germany" from Rothenburg to Fuessen, it's appr. 260km or 160miles but you need at least 4 to 4 1/2 hour driving time without any stops. Another example is the drive from Grenoble to Nice via the "Route Napoleon France" which is 350km or 220miles only but you need at least 6 hours driving time. Driving through Tuscany's countryside (Italy) takes a lot of time and you can calculate in average only 30 to 40km per hour. You see - LESS IS MUCH MORE!

2. Route Planner!

Your personal Route Planner helps you planning your tour. Please note that in Europe you find often some cities or villages in different regions with the same name. You can distinguish them with their postal codes. You can view maps with your route and you can zoom in so that you can see details. Note that all distances are shown in "kilometer".

3. Car Rental information!

We offer only the best car rental companies in Europe and we show the best priced car groups on top and the most expensive ones at the bottom. Please note that driving into the Eastern European states isn't allowed with many car rental companies and if you want to drive into the Czech Republic, Poland or Hungary for example then you should send us your tour request with the Customized Tour Request form. We are able to offer some car rental companies which allow the lower car groups (Ford or Opel cars only) going east but they have higher rates.

If you want to travel with an automatic car, please note that these cars are more expensive in Europe than manual cars and that they are booked out early in advance. Also, minivans and minibusses are strongly requested with the best car rental company and have to be booked very early!

National one way bookings are sometimes still free of charge and some charge a small fee between Euro 20,- and Euro 100,- depends on the car group and country. International one-way rentals are on request in general and the rental agencies don't allow any car groups for such a car hire. The one-way fee differs a lot depending between which countries you are going and they will be appr. Euro 200,- and Euro 700,- plus taxes. Difficult to get are one-way into Italy and Spain and no one ways are allowed between Spain and Portugal. If you plan to make a one-way road trip in Europe you should book very early to get a car confirmed and save some money.

4. Car Rental Lease!

Renault Eurodrive Talisman
Renault Automatic Cars Talisman
Renault Eurodrive Megane Berline
Renault Automatic Cars Megane Berline

If you book a driving tour through Europe for 21 days or more and looking for the most flexible way to discover more than 40 European countries, then we will include a buy-back lease car into the road trip because this will be the cheapest and best way. The international one way fees are sometimes free of charge, anyway normally much cheaper than others. Included in these rentals are all-inclusive and have definitive no extra costs.

You can book top models of Renault cars like the Talisman, Espace or the 9-seater minivan Traffic. All car groups have built in GPS Navigation and you can choose between gasoline or diesel cars. Especially automatic car groups have for longer rentals much better car hire rates. 

5. Hotel information!

You'll find more than 50.000 selected hotels in our database, mostly 3 to 4 star but also deluxe hotels with very special negotiated rates and a good quality. Some two-star hotels which we can recommend are included as well as romantic, charming and special hotels which offer a unique experience.

In general, the best-priced hotels are listed on the top in our tour offer, the most expensive ones on the bottom. You'll find the country classification with the stars and, as an additional help our recommendation as well. Our info reflects from own experiences as well as from the feedback surveys from all of our customers.

6. Our special service!

After you have sent your Customized Road Trip request, we will review your send details and prepare a suggested tour itinerary and send you our comments if we have some information about the selected route or if we have alternative recommendations. You are able to change some or anything. After the itinerary is set we will prepare the complete tour offer for you.

Best Information For Your Road Trip Around Europe

We know Europe best and your advantage will be, that we know what's the best route and where you can see also the highlights and kept secrets of the beaten track. If you want some customer feedback, check out some of the comments which you find here on several pages in our website. Let us know when you want some email addresses from recent customers so that you can speak with them.

See a comment which we recently received from customers which has done one of our Best European Tours:

Dear Hubertus,

We have received the Tour Handbook, thank you very much.

I must compliment you with everything, right from the first contact through to the handbook. You always made us feel as if you are spending all your time on us, that we are not just one of your many customers, and the handbook was the final cherry on top. It is personalized, it has got much more detail than we ever expected, the cross-references in the text to the voucher numbers rounds it off nicely, the pamphlets and ... and ... and ...; it is just fantastic!

Thank you once again for a very professional service, you are making us look forward to our trip even more.


Jan and Philana

Langebaan - South Africa

7. Last but not least!

Please note that we require your credit card details when you want to book a tour. We have to charge the minimal fee of Euro 50,- for our special service because we receive so many requests. And many want only our useful information but don't want to book. So we want to serve those customers best who want to book a nice tour through Europe. The fee will be waived completely if you book a tour. We don't debit anything on to your card up front, only after the file is closed.

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