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Your very special benefits for your Europe road trip:

All our PDF Tour Handbooks are individually designed and includes the complete tour manual with all driving times and mileage details. Information about all sights, attractions, museums and restaurants for each city or village in which you can (should) stop along each day's itinerary. You will not miss shopping and nightlife recommendations as well. A usual two weeks Europe Travel Guide Book for your road trip will have around 100 pages.

This will be sent by email and you are able to load the files onto your iPad or tablet (and/or your smartphone) if you have any because then you have everything handy during your driving tour.

PDF Europe Travel Guide Book
Europe Travel Guide Book
Best Pdf Travel Guides
Detailed info where to go and get your car

  We will prepare for your booked tour the very best and largest travel guide book, including map details, info about attractions, museums and sights as well as detailed day-by-day driving instructions.

Very reliable Service - everything works as per expectations. While it is a great idea to send the soft copy of Tour Handbook - it would be helpful to send (for key destinations) fold-able paper maps.

The trip was very good and the arrangements as always were very good indeed.


Shrikrishna B.

Mumbai / India

Dear Hubertus

I´ve received the Handbook last thursday. Thanks a lot! Congratulations for the quality of the service that you offer. We were very impressed how well done and organised is the hand book. I am sure that eveything on the trip will get perfect!

Thanks again

Alessandro A.

Sao Paulo - Brazil

Best Travel Guidebooks

  Information on state, towns & cities including culture, shopping and event tips. When you stay a few nights in the same location (e.g. in Florence) then info about excursions to several Tuscany highlights are included as well.

Hubertus, just to let you know ...

We are having great moments. You did a great job. All the cities ... all hotels ... everything was perfect. We were luck with the weather ... just today we took a big rain ... otherwise only sunny days!!! Fantastic trip.
Thank you so much.

PS - We are following the schedulle withou any problem. Today we are at Florence (Italy).

Pedro S. 

Sao Paulo - Brazil

P.S. for your info: Mr. Santos booked a 9 weeks trip and this is day 30 on his tour.

Hi Hubertus,

I wanted to let you know the trip went very well. I really appreciate the work you put into it, it really showed. Everything went well, some things we had to figure out, but overall your guide was really good. The hotels were all good, some better than others, but overall they were good.

As I said, we really enjoyed it despite the weather :) next trip will be late May or early June.


Noel G.

Newbury Park, CA / USA

  Best flexibility, you drive at your own pace, the route you want (or follow our driving directions) and benefit from lowest tour rates.

  Selected hotels which are prebooked and prepaid, so no matter at which time you arrive, the hotel awaits you with a warm welcome.

Europe Tour Guide PDF
Europe Tour Guide PDF with walking tour recommendation
Europe Tour Guide PDF
Europe Tour Guide PDF with city and restaurant details

Liked the communication we had to arrange the trip and all my answers were answered.

Top notch service!

Love your service and am definitely recommending you to all my friends that travel to Europe. Am planning my next trip to Italy with your service, maybe will have some friends join in on the trip, just to make it fun!

Thank You for making our Honeymoon trip spectacular!!!

Carlos R.

San Juan - Puerto Rico

Dear Hubertus,

today I send you some pictures which we took while travelling in the US. We would like to thank you for organisation of the very interesting tour, we truly enjoyed it and can imagine that our children will be interested to come back not only to NY and LA, but to some remote places and national parks such as Yosemite or Death Valley.

Best regards

Igor B.   - Moscow / Russia

P.S: for our repeat customers we also prepare tours to worldwide destinations!

  We include only quality car rental companies with a high standard and which include full CDW insurance (Collission Damage Waiver), Theft protection with at least 7.5 Million Euro 3rd party liability (depending on the rental company and country up to 50 Mio or unlimited).

Quality Car Rental Companies For Your European Road Trip
Quality Car Rental Companies For Your European Road Trip

  We ONLY book car rentals which INCLUDES NO DEDUCTIBLE in their rates! Some more information about this:

All rental companies have a deductible in their conditions and rental contracts. But we book the cars through a broker which has included an additional insurance to cover this deductible. So when something happens then the driver has to pay the damage up to the deductible to the rental company (is normally the deposit they have left) and then you send us the invoice for this claim and the car rental broker refund this amount quickly.

  This includes also damage to windscreens, tires or the underside of the car (may vary a bit depending on the rental company and country!

All this is included as well in your Europe tour packages:

  Unlimited mileage and all Airport fees

  Breakfast buffet is included in most hotels

  High child reductions for children up to 12 years and often up to 16 years old

  Specials included in Prepackage Driving Tours, for example:

       Entrance tickets to Castle Neuschwanstein/Hohenschwangau

       Your ticket for "The Orginal Sound of Music Tour" in Salzburg

       3 Full Days Hop-On/Hop-Off City Sightseeing Tour in Paris including Seine Cruise

  All applicable VAT and state tax for car and hotel service is included

  PDF Tour information which you can download also on to your iPad or tablet, send by email along with all voucher and tickets

Must See Places In Germany During Your Road Trip Included
Must See Places In Germany During Your Road Trip Included

  Personal Drive Europe phone assistance during your vacation

Ron Carlson:

There were several times when help was needed at the hotel desk concerning our bill, but Drive Europe was always quickly to the rescue. Thank you for a wonderful vacation experience.

Jim and Sharon Smith:

Your special assistance when we had car problems in France was greatly appreciated.

Both autos were excellent.


Ludi Lozano:

I was very pleased with the easy manner in which I was able to communicate with you any time I had a question. The returned telephone calls were very prompt.

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