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Highlights Of The Portugal Driving Tour

Self drive tours of Portugal are tailored for visitors who prefer to explore the beautiful country on their own. We plan your desired itinerary and make all necessary reservations including hotels and rental car for a stress free Portugal vacation. Explore the secrets of Portugal tradition, the beauty of the countryside and the elegant manor houses.

The best places to visit in Portugal you will discover like Castelo De Vide and the Alentejo Region, see beautiful villages and towns in the Douro valley, and the cities of Porto, Coimbra and Lisbon. Travel to Portugal is a great experience!

The cork-producing plains of Alentejo (which literally means "beyond the Tagus") make up the largest province in Portugal - so large in fact, that the government has divided it into the northern Alto Alentejo (the capital of which is Evora) and southern Baixo Alentejo (whose capital is Beja). Locals in Alentejo insulate themselves in tiny-windowed, white-washed houses - warm in the cold winters and cool during the scorching summers. But Alentejo is also the least populated of Portuguese provinces; it's possessed of seemingly endless fields of wheat; and it's the world's largest producer of cork, whose trees can be stripped only once every 9 years.

Estremoz Statue of Santa Rainha Isabel
Estremoz Statue of Santa Rainha Isabel

Guimaraes Castle Minho
Guimaraes Castle Minho

Guimaraes, the first capital of Portugal, located at the foot of a range of serras has successfully retained a medieval ambience. Today Guimaraes is a busy little town with an eye toward commerce, especially in weaving, tanning, and manufacturing kitchenware and cutlery. It's also known for its craft industries, especially pottery, silver- and goldsmithing, and embroidery.

Barcelos is a sprawling river town that rests on a plateau ringed by green hills. Wrought-iron street Lanterns glimmer late in the evening, long after the market in the open square of Campo da Republica has closed down. The town doesn't feature any single major attraction but does have a famous symbol - the rooster of Barcelos. Although cooked and about to be

served as the main course in a magistrate's dinner, so the legend goes, the rooster crowed ecstatically to prove the innocence of a pilgrim wrongfully accused of theft.

The rich, tranquil beauty of Bucaco's forests was initially discovered by a humble order of barefoot Carmelites, following the dictates of seclusion prescribed by their founder. Built with materials from the encompassed hills, Bucaco monastery was founded in 1628. They raised a wall around the forest to insolate themselves further and to keep women out. These barefoot friars had a special lover for plants and trees, and each year they cultivated the natural foliage and planted specimens sent to them from distant orders. Bucaco had always been a riot of growth: ferns, pines, cork, eucalyptus, and pink and blue clusters of hydrangea. The friars introduced such exotic flora as the monkey puzzle, a tall Chilean pine with branches so convoluted that monkeys who climb in it become confused. 

Bucaco Palace - Bucaco Woods
Bucaco Palace - Bucaco Woods

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Best of Portugal Tour - Highlights Of Portugal Driving Tour Trip Itinerary

Best Of Portugal Road Trip - Highlights Of Portugal Driving Tour

Day 01  Lisbon - Evora - Estremoz - Castelo De Vide

Sample Hotel: Pousada De Marvao

Day 02  Castelo De Vide / Marvao, local sightseeing

Sample Hotel: Pousada De Marvao

Day 03  Castelo De Vide - Castelo Branco - Belmonte

Sample Hotel: Pousada De Belmonte

Day 04  Belmonte - Viseu - Vila Real

Sample Hotel: Casa de Vilarinho S. Romão

Day 05  Vila Real, local sightseeing

Sample Hotel: Casa de Vilarinho S. Romão

Day 06  Vila Real - Guimaraes - Braga - Barcelos

Sample Hotel: Casa dos Assentos

Day 07  Barcelos, local sightseeing

Sample Hotel: Casa dos Assentos

Day 08  Barcelos - Porto - Santa Maria Da Feira - Mealhada / Coimbra

Sample Hotel: Vila Duparchy

Day 09  Mealhada / Coimbra, local sightseeing

Sample Hotel: Vila Duparchy

Day 10  Mealhada - Leiria - Alcobaca - Obidos

Sample Hotel: Casa d'Óbidos

Day 11  Obidos, local sightseeing

Sample Hotel: Casa d'Óbidos

Day 12  Obidos - Mafra - Sintra - Cascais - Lisbon

Sample Hotel: Hotel Miraparque

Day 13  Lisbon, local sightseeing

Sample Hotel: Hotel Miraparque

Day 14  Lisbon Airport - Flight Back Home

   13 Hotel nights (3* / 4*) as per itinerary including hotel service charges

   13 x full breakfast buffet

 ✅  Two Full Days Hop-On / Hop-Off City Sightseeing Tour Lisbon

   13 full car rental days with unlimited mileage

   CDW Insurance with no deductible

   Theft Protection with no deductible

   Third Party Insurance

   Airport Service or Premium Location Fee

   Vehicle Licensee Fee

   All applicable VAT tax

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