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How to plan a road trip in Europe? Check out the most requested driving tours in Europe and take a look at what most of our customers select. The Best European Driving Tours offer you great savings of up to 40% against the published rates. Additionally, you will receive an unbeatable service with the great Tour Handbook. We can customise any self-drive European road trip you want in whole Europe!

Planning A Road Trip Around Europe 

Booking a road trip in Europe is very easy. Send us the Customised Tour Request Form and we will create based on your information a recommended tour itinerary first with all mileage and driving time information. You can check this and make amendments and once the final itinerary you want is set we prepare the complete tour offer for you. 

Planning A Road Trip Around Europe

This tour offer includes all mandatory items from and to the airport or your arrival and departure city. Based on your travel dates we check all the hotels in each city and include the best-priced hotel which we recommend as a base into your tour itinerary. On top of this, we show also many alternative hotels nearby in each location which have higher rates so that you can choose which hotel you prefer first. We also include several sightseeing tours or tickets for sights during your tour. Select your special car group and choose from more than 1.500 different rental stations in Europe. 

Self Drive Europe Tour Packages

Your final tour rate for your road trip in Europe includes not only all mandatory car rental items and all hotel stays, it includes our very special and unique PDF Tour Handbook which will be sent in a PDF format so that you can download this onto your iPhone or tablet. Our unique and special tour manual is prepared individually for you and includes all necessary information, e.g. special driving tips, a lot of information about museums, historical sights, nature parks, family attractions, restaurants etc, etc.

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