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If you are not keen in driving, or if you want to see the bigger cities only, then you should consider a train tour through Europe. We can customize any tour you want but you should know that smaller villages, for example along the Romantic Road in Germany or the Amalfi Coast in Italy are not reachable by train. Either they don't have any train connection or if they have a station then you can only reach them with several changes en route.

When you book early enough, which means you book your European train tours more than 3 months in advance, then you can save money and sometimes these train tours are cheaper than a road trip. Our tour packages include train tickets 2nd or 1st class as per your decision and includes seat reservations as well as far a train offers prebooked seating. Tickets for the high speed trains in Europe includes generally a seat reservation while local or commuter trains have free seating.

What is the cheapest way to travel Europe? Going by bus is meanwhile the cheapest because since a few years now big new bus routes connect many great

Bus Tours Europe
Train Tours Europe With High Speed Trains
Train Tours Europe With High Speed Trains

cities in Europe and every year new lines will be added. But its the same as with train tickets, as earlier you book as cheaper a tour will be. So all our sample tours are shown with an estimate but can be higher in high season or with last minute bookings.

Cheap bus rides are available on more than 80 lines that connect over 200 destinations!  

 Check out the complete European Bus Route Network.

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