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Danube, Rhine & Rhine-Moselle

Nicko Cruises & Terranova, the market leader for high-quality cycle tours for 30 years offers the best E-Bike packages for three destinations Danube, Rhine & Rhine-Moselle. If you would like to add a cycling adventure to your cruise experience as the focal point of your holiday, our e-bike packages are just right for you! Because when you book our packages, a perfect combination of cruise and cycling tour is waiting for you – your comfortable floating hotel will of course always travel with you.

European River Cruises Including E-Bike Packages

Along the Danube, Rhine and Moselle you will discover the beautiful sights of the relevant region while active on your bike. The electronic drive of your high-quality hired bike will, if you wish, allow you effortlessly to take every incline, leaving you to see and enjoy the scenery while completely relaxed. The professional and experienced guides will accompany every excursion. The excursions with their fascinating variety comprise the most beautiful sections for a cycling tour, the guided tours include the most notable sights and are accompanied by a minibus with cycle transport trailer and passenger options. Of course provision is made for drink breaks and picnics during all-day tours.

Pedal your way through the beauty of your holiday destination! With our luxury river cruise and E-Bike tour packages, you've made the right choice!

Luxury Nicko Vision Cruise Ship Danube

This is always INCLUDED in our Cruises & E-Bike Packages:

✔ Guided cycling tours with the comfortable E-Bikes
✔ Accompanied by a minibus with cycle transporter trailer and passenger option
✔ Terranova travel guides: All cycling tours are led by a knowledgeable tour guide on a bike
✔ E-Bike hire: use of the Terranova E-Bike with saddlebag, comfortably equipped with 7-speed SHIMANO gears and back-pedal brake or freewheel (order in advance)
✔ Technical maintenance of the E-Bike on the road
✔ All transfers with Terranova bus or taxi along the cycling tour routes according to schedule
✔ Comprehensive service during whole-day excursions: drink breaks, picnics (cost allocation for drinks)
✔ Detailed travel information and map material
✔ Book your river cruise including our E-Bike package

Danube River Cruises & E-Bike Tours

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You can easily combine such a river cruise with a driving tour through other parts of Europe! Just send us what you are looking for and we will prepare a great tour itinerary for you.

Moselle River Cruise with E-Bike Tours