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Hubertus Rank - Manager Hi, I'm Hubertus and I will be your guide to create a very special tour for you. You have your own itinerary and would like to see some special cities? No problem, please read this form carefully and send us your request as early as you can. Then I will create a special customized tour for your dream-tour through Europe.

And the best, it's   FREE   for you if you book a tour!
If you don't book a tour, then we charge the minimal fee of Euro 50,- only,
for our special service.
And now see how this form works for you:
Here you'll find some
additional information
1. Basic Information
Please check especially your email address twice because we often receive forms with a wrong email address. Give us the info with how many people you will travel and the age of all children.   * must be filled out.
Please note, this is a secure form!
First Name * Last Name *
Street * City *
Zip Code * Email Address *
Phone Number * Fax Number    
Number of adults * Number of children
under 12
2. General Information
You have to plan two things, first your flights and second your driving tour. We take care of all arrangements from/to your airport in Europe. We can also book flights if you want. We will offer the best available fares from USA and Canada to Europe.
Your departure city:
Include alternative departure cities which you can accept in ( )
Your arrival city in Europe: *
Your arrival date (and if you know, your arrival time),
if you don't know it right know, include planned date.
Your departure city in Europe: *
Your departure date (and if you know, your departure time),
if you don't know it right know, include planned date.
3. My recommendation:
Don't plan to much! Most of our customers confirmed this after their trip - LESS IS MUCH MORE! You can't enjoy your trip if you drive 8 hours a day. You can't see all of Europe in 10 days by car!
If you want some testimonials from recent customers, please click here. Don't include anything in this mail because you will receive the information from our autoresponder. Be aware that the list is big, because nearly all customers are satisfied with our service. You can recheck the info with some of our customers if you want.
4. Planning the Tour
You should calculate per hour 50km (appr. 30miles) driving. In this calculation I have included also some short stops for photos, shopping or lunch stops, etc. Keep in mind that we have fast motorway routes (if you didn't have a traffic jam) in Europe but we also often have the more scenic bypass roads which you should use most, if you can.
You should plan to spend a minimum of TWO NIGHTS in the major cities so that you have one full day for sightseeing. More is much better! You couldn't see all the highlights in Paris or Venice in a day or two.
Send us your expected preliminary itinerary or your plans for your tour. Include in the following itinerary the cities/area which you would like to see. If you don't know sights/cities in between, include a "?", I will give you my personal recommendations.
Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3:
Day 4:
Day 5:
Day 6:
Day 7:
Day 8:
Day 9:
Day 10:
Day 11:
Day 12:
Day 13:
Day 14:
Day 15:
Day 16:
Day 17:
Day 18:
Day 19:
Day 20:
Day 21:
Day 22:
Day 23:
Day 24:
Day 25:
Day 26:
Day 27:
Day 28:
Day 29:
Day 30:
5. Additional Information:
Then I need from you some additional information so that I can give you a correct offer. If you don't find the appropriate selection, please write your needs in the comments field below.
Which car group do you want?
Which hotel quality do you want? Please note that we mainly recommend as a minimum the Standard 3-Star-Hotels because we want only satisfied customers. We will offer you hotels from our database containing more then 5.000 hotels with special negotiated rates. If you want, we can book containing all hotels at regular rates. Check also if you prefer typical hotels or from the bigger chains (e.g. Holiday Inns) or if you want a special recommended hotel.
Which rooms do you need?
Please note, that hotels in Europe normally don't offer quad rooms. Triple room accommodation is the maximum because the rooms are not as big as in America. Especially in France rooms are sometimes tiny. Some Hotel Chains offer quad accommodation.
Do you have special interests?
What is your expected budget
for your tour?
Notes and special requests concerning this tour
(e.g. cities and/or regions which "must" be visited):
6. Recommended Tour Offer:
After we received your information, you'll get our answer and tour offer within 24 hours. If you don't get an answer within 2 days, then please send as a short request note. Often we receive mails with invalid addresses. Please check your email address again if everything is correct!

We check availability only if we receive your credit card details (Mastercard or Visa only). We will not debit your credit card until we receive your final reconfirmation. Then we will debit 10% deposit (min. Euro 500,-). The balance is due 30 days prior to departure, latest when we send out the Tour Handbook with all vouchers to you.

By the way, would you like to know your advantages if you book a tour with us? Here they are:
Customized and arranged tour itinerary with distance information (in kilometre and miles). You will benefit from more then 30 years of travel experience!
Time saving because you don't loose time looking for hotels. You have more time to see the highlights on your tour because you have confirmed hotels for the night.
We will make special hotel recommendations so that you'll enjoy your stay in lovely and/or very unique hotels.
You will save money because often we have very special negotiated low rates. You will stay sometimes in 4 or 5 star hotels for a Bed and Breakfast price!
We have the lowest inclusive car rental rates possible for most of the European countries.
Your biggest benefit is our comprehensive Tour Handbook with lots of information, daily maps, route description and driving directions as well as brochures (min. 4 pounds in weight)
Here you'll see a feedback from one of our recent customer:
I have just received the hand book. I have to say I am really impressed.

The natural reaction of people who hear about us using a service to plan a tour in Europe is: "why don't you do it yourself? "

Well, beside the fact that you know Europe far better than us, this hand book is a crashing answer.

You definitely got our respect for your professionalism.

Best Regards,
Meir Amzallag from Israel
We send out this Tour Handbook 3-4 weeks prior of your departure with
UPS Express (you receive it normally within two days time!)

As an alternative we can provide the Tour Handbook also without
brochures in a PDF format send by email sothat you are able
to print it by yourself. This will save you Euro 100,-!
We provide this special service FREE of charge!

Send me your info and then sit back and relax, have a drink
and dream of your travel experience in Europe
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exclusive informations and specials about European Travel News?

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